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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different fireworks categories ?

There are four main categories as classified by BS 7114 : 2 : 1988.

  • Category 1: Indoor Fireworks ( Party Poppers etc).
  • Category 2: Garden Fireworks ( The majority of fireworks supplied by newsagents, toy shops. ).
  • Category 3: Display Fireworks ( The largest fireworks on general sale to members of the public. These fireworks must be sited at least 25 metres from spectators, buildings and other hazards. 30 metres recommended ).
  • Category 4: Partially assembled and specialist devices for professional use only. These items must not be sold to or be used by the general public.

What is BS 7114 : 2 :1988 ?

This is the standard as laid down by the BSI to which all fireworks supplied to the general public must conform. The standard calls for fireworks to be quality tested before they are made available for sale , have adequate delay fuses and to display clear warnings and instructions on the labels.

When can I use fireworks ?

You can use fireworks at any time of the year. Please consider your neighbours and pets etc when planning a display, in general displays should be held no later than 10 pm.

Where can I use fireworks ?

You can use fireworks on privately owned ground providing you have permission to do so, if you wish to carry out a display on public or common land you must have approval from your local council and if applicable the land owner.

How much space do I need ?

To carry out a display safely you will need a large area which is clear of buildings, trees and any other hazards. You must have at least 25 metres distance between spectators and the nearest firework( 30 metres minimum recommended ), and a drop zone to the sides and rear of the firing area where debris and rocket sticks can fall safely.

Who should I notify ?

As a matter of courtesy you should notify the local police, fire brigade, local residents and livestock owners of the location, the date and the time of your display. If your display is near the coast or an airport you should also inform the coast guard and airport authorities.

What about insurance ?

All fireworks supplied by Dragon Fireworks are covered by our own £5 million products liability. If you are organising a public display you must ensure you have arranged your own public liability cover. Many insurance companies will provide public liability on a 'per event' basis. We have details of insurance companies that supply event insurance if you have any dificulties.

How should I set up my display ?

All DIY packs we supply come with full instructions, a suggested firing order, plan layout and full details of equipment and materials requirements. Purchase your fireworks for delivery in good time for your display, this gives you time to familiarise yourself with the contents of your pack. Allow yourself plenty of time to set up your show on the day, don't leave it until it is getting dark. Once the show is ready double check to make sure you have correctlyd all fireworks. In case of wet weather we recommend protecting your fireworks by wrapping them with plastic sheeting or bin liners. This can easily be removed prior to firing the item, and will ensure the fuses remain dry and ready to light.

Does it matter if it's windy ?

Yes it most certainly does. Windy conditions make firing a display extremely hazardous, (even for the professional) do not be tempted to fire a display in strong winds, even though you may be under pressure to do so, it just simply is never worth the risk. Never fire a display in more than a light breeze, we suggest you 'test' fire a rocket before the show to see where the wind drift will take it. and where the stick will fall.

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