If you want to be able to purchase Fireworks in the future, Please respect your neighbours and their animals. Let them know what time you are firing your fireworks try to fire early as possible. Make sure the fireworks are the correct distance from your audience, they are secure and will not fall over. Put a shield directly in front of the fireworks, a wheelie Bin will work.

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Safety Equipment

Safety Goggles

Most of all the major injuries related to retail fireworks are eye injuries. Because of this Dragon Fireworks are now selling at discounted rates the same eye protection used by all Dragon Fireworks Display crew.

advantage safty goggles
  • High performance lightweight and sporty design goggle.
  • The soft and flexible frame fits all types of faces.
  • Can be worn over all spectacles.
  • Available with indirect ventilation system.
  • Fully adjustable headband.
  • Impact-resistant no-fog no-scratch polycarbonate and chemical resistant acetate lenses.

CE EN 166 39-1BT KN
CE EN 3459-1BT KN
CE EN 170

Price, excluding postage, £7.50 (inc. VAT)

Safety Firing System

52% of firework injuries occur at family or private parties.

The "Brightspark" remote ignition system will drastically reduce the risk of injury.

"BrightSpark" is the smart new way to ignite all your fireworks safely and easily. Now you can remotely control your fireworks from up to 150 feet away without the need to use matches or naked flames and without reducing your enjoyment.

It's safe, it's clean, it's easy to use and you can use it time and time again.

We can post this any anywhere with no problems with carriage.


The Bright Spark Firing system costs £19.99 + postage, or £19.99 collected. The replacement E fuses are £9.99.