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Chinese Flying Lanterns

Hand-crafted Authentic Chinese Flying Lanterns

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A brief history

Lanterns can be used as a quiet alternative to fireworks for a gentler celebration at New Year, Weddings, Birthdays, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali or any other special event. A lantern will rise for up to 20 minutes and can ascend to over a mile in the sky - where it will still be visible on a clear night!

Traditionally used in Chinese and Thai celebrations, these are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky that's becoming increasingly popular.

Felt tip pens can be used to write your messages or wishes on the Lantern to "send them to heaven" as the Chinese would say

Flying Lanterns are traditionally known as 'Khom Fay' or 'Khom Loy' in China and have been used for 1800 years. It was believed that wishes written on lanterns would rise up to the heavens and come true.

Our Flying Lantern is made from flame-retardant, 100% bio-degradable materials and the frame is made from Bamboo - a renewable resource.

The paper is flame proofed and should not burn. Exposure to the flame will cause it to blacken but unless you create a large hole, the lantern should still fly.

Just follow the easy instructions on the back of the pack and you'll have your lantern flying in no time.

Whilst they look spectacular, Chinese Flying Lanterns are not toys and should not be used by children.

Safety instructions:

  • Only use in calm conditions.
  • Only use in open spaces and not near to buildings.
  • Not suitable for use by children under 16.
  • Never use near airports, under flight paths, near pylons or overhead cables.
  • If releasing on the coast, please notify your local coast guard.
  • Do not use near anything that may catch fire, such as dry crops or woodland.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby.
  • This product is not a toy and should not be used by children.
  • Do not tie anything or add any weight at all to the lantern.
  • Do not use if you are under the influence of alcohol.

Launching Instructions:

  • Check the direction of any wind before release to avoid the lantern blowing into any obstacles.
  • Hold the bamboo ring at the base of the lantern and gently swing to fill the lantern with air
  • Hold the top of the filled lantern and get an assistant to light the corners of the wax "fuel cell"
  • Continue to hold the lantern at the top as it fills with hot air and when it becomes self supporting, transfer your hold to the bamboo ring at the base
  • When the lantern starts lifting on it's own, release and enjoy


  • The paper is flame proofed and should not burn.
  • Exposure to the flame will cause it to blacken and become flaky.
  • If you create a large hole, the lantern should be discarded.
  • Keep away from sources of heat before launch to avoid the wax fuel melting.

Made in China - dimensions : Height Approximately 80cm high and 65cm diameter when full of hot air

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